IBPS RRB Clerk 2013 shift 2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 21

Which of the following statements about the ‘exports’ from India is true ?
(A) Exports are showing good rate of growth.
(B) Exports are growing in volume but still they are poorer than Imports in terms of value.
(C) Exports are not improving the way they were growing two years back.

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Question 22

The Government of India keeps on clearing the proposal of setting up new SEZs at several places. What does the letter ‘S’ represent in the SEE?

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Question 23

Which amongst the following is NOT a foodgrain ?

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Question 24

Various Government agenicies/organisations are given responsibilities for implementing various policies/decisions of the Government of India. Policies about credit flow to the agricultural/priority sector are framed/implemented through which of the following apex bodies ?

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Question 25

As we read now and then the Monetary and Credit Policy is reviewed and changes/corrections are made frequently. Who among the following exactly takes this decision in India ?

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Question 26

Which of the following is NOT a foreign bank working in India?

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Question 27

Who amongst the following is the Chairman of the 14th Finance Commission ?

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Question 28

With which of the following nations India has the least trade relations?

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Question 29

Your friend gets Rs. 10000 from his grand parents. He/ she wants to invest this amount in a bank in such a way that he/she need not withdraw the amount partly or wholly for two years. What kind of account should he/ she open in a bank?

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Question 30

We often see the names of two personalities in newspapers/ magazines/electronic media. These names are - Dr. C. Rangarajan and Dr. Bimal Jalan. In their lives, one thing is common. That is

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