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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Which of the following is NOT a measure to control Inflation adopted by the Government and/or RBI?

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Question 2

As we all know the Wholesale Price Index is divided in five main commodity groups. Which of the following is NOT considered separately as a group while calculating Wholesale Price Index (WPI) ?

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Question 3

In terms of the economics, the total value of the output (goods and services) produced and income received in a year by domestic residents of a country put together is called

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Question 4

Which of the following schemes was launched a few years ago to provide wage employment to the rural people in India (The programme is being run successfully in addition to MNREGA) ?

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Question 5

Which of the following is TRUE about the Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission ?(A) To provide safe drinking water in urban slums(B) To provide sustainable safe drinking water in rural areas(C) To provide sustainable and safe drinking water in those parts of the country where ample water is not available like coastal areas and desert areas.

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Question 6

Which of the following is True about the India -USA agreement on developing gas resources?
(A) Both the nations will cooperate in exploiting gas hydrates in Krishna, Godavari and Mahanadi basins and deep sea of Andaman.
(B) USA will help in establishment of an IIT exclusively for research and training in the areas of gas technology.
(C) India will send its experts to find out more gas reserves in various parts of USA particularly in deep sea of Alaska as they have special training in the same.

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Question 7

Rural sanitation programme of the Central Government is a very popular programme in India. Which of the following was/were the objective (s) of the same?
(A) To provide home sanitation
(B) To provide disposal of garbage
(C) To provide wage employment to poor of society in rural areas

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Question 8

Which of the following is/are true bout the economy of China ?
(A) China as a country is rich but Chinese are not so.
(B) China’s growth strategy has been based mainly on exports.
(C) Despite attaining rapid growth and also bringing millions of people out of poverty, China remains a poor country.

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Question 9

Who amongst the following is the author of the book “What I Require from Life” ?

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Question 10

Which of the following is/are major reforms the Government has introduced in Banking Sector ?
(A) Dismantling the complex system of interest rate controls.
(B) Eliminating prior approval of the RBI for large loans.
(C) Introduction of capital adequacy norms and few other prudential norms

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