IBPS PO 2018


Which of the phrases A, B, C and D given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in ‘’bold’’ in the sentence to make it grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is given and no correction is required, mark E as the answer.

Question 81

Puneet raked his brains and tried to find an answer to a tricky question given in the paper but couldn’t find one.


Pick out the most effective word from the given words to fill in the blank in each sentence to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

Question 82

They work hard not because of the __ , but because of their inner urge.

Question 83

His __ background has made him so docile.

Question 84

It is __ for everyone to abide by the laws of the land.

Question 85

___ he is a hard worker, his quality of work is not of a desirable level.


In each question below, four words printed in bold type are given. These are numbered (A), (B), (C) and (D). One of these words printed in bold may either be wrongly spelt or inappropriate in the context of the sentence: Find out the word that in inappropriate or wrongly spelt, if any. The number of that word is your answer. It all the words printed in bold are correctly spelt and appropriate in the context of the sentence then mark (5) i.e: ‘All Correct’ as your answers.

Question 86

(A) ship was at sea for many days and/(B) finally/(C) anchored near the (D) costlinej (E) All correct.

Question 87

(A) The report found that the (B) saefty equipment had been very/(C) poorly/(D) maintained:/(E) All Correct.

Question 88

(A) Employees must familiarise/(B) themselves with the health/(C) and safety/ (D) mannual of the organisation./(E) All Correct.

Question 89

(A) The politicall(B) environment is no/(C) conclusive to economic/(D) reforms./(E) All Correct.


Choose the part of the sentence that contains a grammatical error. Choose option 5 if the sentence is grammatically correct as it is. Ignore errors in punctuation.

Question 90

While designing interfaces (1) / for apps that will be (2) / used in developing countries, (3) / it’s better to use explicit controls. (4) / No Error (5)

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