IBPS PO 18-Oct-2014


Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below :
There are seven friends – J, K, L, M. N, 0 and P. Each one of them has different profession viz., Accountant, Actor, Athlete, Choreographer, Doctor, Engineer and Lawyer, but not necessarily in the same order. They were born in the years 1983, 1984, 1986, 1987. 1990, 1992 and 1994, but not necessarily in the same order. The Lawyer
was born in 1986 while the Athlete was born in 1984. K is a doctor and he was riot born in the year 1983. P was born in the year 1992. P is neither Choreographer nor Actor. N was not born in the year 1994. Nis not an Athlete. L was born in the year 1990. L is neither Accountant nor Choreographer. Doctor was not born in the year 1994. J is an Engineer. J was not born in the year 1994. O is not a Choreographer.

Question 131

In which year 0 was born ?

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Question 132

Which of the, following statements is NOT true on the basis of, information given above ?

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Question 133

Who among the following is a Choreographer ?

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Question 134

Which of the following combinations of FriendProfession-Year of Birth is correct ?

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Question 135

Who among the following is the eldest ?

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In these question relationships between different elements is shown in the statements. These statements are followed by four Conclusions numbered I, II, III and N. Study the statements and Conclusions carefully and select the correct answer :

Question 136

Statement :
Y> R ≥ S = T < M ≤ N < J
Conclusions :
I. T < Y
II. N > S
III. J < S
IV. S ≥ Y

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Question 137

Statements :
S > H ≥ T ≤ C;
Y > T ≥ N
Conclusions :
I. H > Y
II. S > C
III. C = Y
IV. C ≥ N

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Question 138

K > H < Y ≤ Z < A > R ≥ L
Conclusions :
I. A > Y
II. L < A
III. H < A
IV. K > R

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Question 139

D > M > U ≥ E;
N < U ≥ J
Conclusions :

I. D > E
II. E ≤ J
III. M > N
IV. D > J

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Question 140

P > L = U ≥ C ≤ K > S
Conclusions :
I. P > C
II. K ≤ L
III. S ≤ U
IV. C ≤ L

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