IBPS PO 2013


Instructions: Read the following information carefully to answer the questions given below.
In a college, 150 students of MBA are enrolled. The ratio of boys and girls is 7 : 8 respectively. There are three disciplines namely marketing , HR and finance in the college. In marketing discipline there are 50% girls of their total number and the boys are 40% of their total number. In HR discipline, girls are 30% of their total number. Finance discipline has girls, 20% of their total number and boys 30% of their total number. 7 boys and 9 girls are in HR and marketing both. 6 boys and 7 girls are in HR and finance both. 5 boys and 8 girls are in marketing and finance both. 2 boys and 3 girls are enrolled in all three disciplines.

Question 91

What percentage of students are enrolled in all three disciplines?

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Question 92

What is the respective ratio of boys and girls only in marketing discipline?

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Question 93

The ratio of number of boys in marketing and finance both and that of girls in finance only is

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Question 94

By what percent is the number of boys in marketing more than the number of girls in HR discipline?

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Question 95

The ratio of boys and girls enrolled in HR discipline only is respectively

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Instructions: Each of the following questions consists of a question followed by three statements I, II and III. You have to study the question and the statements and decide which of the statement (s) is/are necessary to answer the question.

Question 96

What is the speed of boat in still water?
I. The boat covers 12 km in 2 hours in downstream.
II. The boat covers same distance in 4 hours in upstream.
III. The speed of stream is one third of that of boat in still water.

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Question 97

What is the speed of train?
I. The length of train is 240 metre.
II. The train crosses a pole in 24 seconds.
III. The train crosses a platform in 48 seconds.

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Question 98

What is the age of class teacher?
I. There are 11 students in the class.
II. The average age of students and the teacher is 14 years.
III. The average age of the teacher and students is 3 years more than that of students.

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Question 99

Sri Gupta borrowed a sum at compound interest. What is the amount returned in 2 years?
I. The rate of interest is 5% per annum.
II. The simple interest incurred on the sum in 1 year is Rs600.
III. The borrowed sum is ten times the amount earned as simple interest in two years.

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Question 100

What is the area of the given right angled triangle?
I. The length of hypotenuse is 5 cm.
II. The perimeter of triangle is four times of its base.
III. One of the angles of triangle is 60°

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