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In each question below a sentence with four words printed in bold type is given These are numbered as (1),(2)(3), and (4).One of these four words printed in bold may be either wrongly spelt or inappropriate in the context of the sentence Find out the word which is wrongly spelt or inappropriate if any The number of that word is your answer If all the words printed in bold are correctly spelt and also appropriate in the context of the sentence mark (5) i.e, ‘All correct’ as your answer

Question 11

Bye(1) / the summer of 1939, Hitler was ready(2)/ to unleash(3)/his army on Europe(4) /All correct(5).

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Question 12

The two national(1)/emblems(2)/of India are of(3)/Buddhist origin(4)/ All correct(5)

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Question 13

Political(1)/desicions(2)/ought(3)/to have a rationale(4)/All correct(5).

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Question 14

Traditionalli(1)/sales get a boost(2)/in the festival(3)/season(4)/All correct(5).

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Question 15

Fifteen(1)per cent of India’s land is still(2)/covered(3)/by forrests(4)/All correct(5).

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Read the following passage to answer the given question based on it. Some words/phrases are printed in bold to help you locate them while answering some of the questions.

Organized retail has “fuelled” new growth categories like liquid hand wash, breakfast cereals and pet foods in the consumer goods industry accounting for almost 50% of their sales said data from market search firm Nielsen The figures showed some of these new categories got more than 40% of their business from modern retail outlets.The data also suggests how products in these categories reach the neighbourhood kirana stores after they have established themselves in modern trade
While grocers continue to be an important channel for the new and evolving categories we saw an increased presence of the high end products in modern trade For example premium products in laundry detergents dishwashing car air fresheners and surface care increased in availability through this format as these products are aimed at “affluent” consumers who are more likely to shop in supermarket/hypermarket outlets and who are willing to pay more for specialized products
Some other categories that have grown exceptionally and now account for bulk of the sales from modern retail are frozen and With the evolution of modern trade our growth in this channel has been healthy as it is for several other categories Modern retail is an important part of our business said managing director Kellogg India.
What modern retail offers to companies experimenting with new categories is the chance to educate customers which was not the case with a general trade store Category creation and market development starts with modern trade but as more consumer start consuming this category they “penetrate into other channels” said president food FMCG category Future Group the country’s largest retailer which operates stores like Big Bazaar
But a point to note here is that modern retailers themselves push their own private brands in these very categories and can emerge as a big threat for the consumers goods and foods companies
For instance Big Bazaar’s private label Clean Mate is hugely popular and sells more than a brand like Harpic in its own stores So there is a certain amount of conflict and competition that will play out over the next few years which the FMCG companies will have to watch out for said KPMG’s executive director (retail)
In the past there have been instances of retailers boycotting products from big FMCG players on the issue of margins but as modern retail become increasingly significant for “pushing” new categories experts say we could see more partnerships being forged between retailers and FMCG companies Market development for new categories takes time so brand wars for leadership and consumer franchise will be fought on the modern retail platform A new brand can overnight compete with “established” companies by trying up with few retailers in these categories president of Future Group added

Question 16

Which of the following is being referred to as new growth category ?

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Question 17

Which of the following is being referred to as modern retail outlet ?

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Question 18

Which of the following best conveys the meaning of the phrase “watch out for” as used in the passage ?

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Question 19

Which of the following is being referred to as certain amount of conflict ?

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Question 20

The new growth category products

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