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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 61

Which of the following nations has signed a comprehensive free trade agreement with European Union?

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Question 62

According to the provisions of the income Tax Act, 1961 a resident individual is categorised as a ‘very senior citizen’ when he is

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Question 63

Which of the following Indian Actress has recently (october, 2013 been honoured at the British House of Commons for her contribution to the global entertainment industry?

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Question 64

Who among the following has recently been conferred with the first Yash Memorial Award?

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Question 65

The part of a company’s earnings or profits which are paid out to shareholders is known as

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Question 66

NABARD is responsible for regulating and supervising the functions of

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Question 67

The government of India has announced a ‘funding for lending’ scheme. Who are the beneficiaries for this scheme?

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Question 68

The arrangement under which banks sell insurance products acting as the agent of the respective companies is called the

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Question 69

Which among the following Companies in India has a tie-up with the Japanese Financial Nomura for Insurance market?

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Question 70

The seed capital of Bhartiya Mahila Bank is

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