IBPS Clerk 15-Dec-2012


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

‘Rupee’ is the currency of

Question 12

India’s Nuclear Agreement with which of the following countries is very much in news these days ?

Question 13

The two main seasons of cropping in India arc known as .

Question 14

Who among the following was honoured with the US Presidential Medal of Freeborn in May 2012?

Question 15

Government of India is giving much emphasis on ‘Women Empowerment’ these days. What does it mean ?

Question 16

Who amongst the following is/ was not a famous cricket player?

Question 17

The maximum crop area (about 75%) in India is covered by

Question 18

Which of the following terms is not related with the banking operations ?

Question 19

Loan taken by a small farmer will be considered a loan for agricultural purpose: by a bank :
Purchase of tractor
Purchase of seeds
Purchase of gold for marriage of the daughter

Question 20

Who amongst the following is an Economist of international repute ?

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