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Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. Certain words are printed in bold to help you to locate them while answering some of the questions. Lumbini is a beautiful place in the southern part of Nepal. About 2.500 years ago. A baby boy was born to the king and queen. The baby was named Siddharth. His mother, died when he was live days old. The baby boy grew into a handsome prince. His father tried to keep him happy. The little prince had everything heneeded — fine clothes, the best food and good toys. But he was not in terested in them. He wanted to be alone and was always found in deep thought. Later, he was married to a beautiful princess. She was called Yashodhara. They had a son and named him Rahul. The king hoped that Siddharth would become a great ruler. One day Siddharth was driving through the street in his chariot, He saw an old man and then a sick man. The oldman could hardly walk. The sick man groaned in pain. Then he saw some people carrying a dead body, others were wailing and weeping at the loss of a dear one. Siddharth was very upset to see so much suffering and unhappiness. 1 le was shocked, Then he saw an entirely different sight. A mail in yel • low robes was walking along the street. There was no trace of sadness on his radiant lace. instead it shone with peace. He was a monk who had given up the world to escape the misery of life. Siddharth wanted to find out why there was so much suffering in the world. He wanted to find out how men could be free of misery. He could find neither peace nor happiness in the life he was leading at the palace. One night Siddharth left his home, his wile and his little son. He went into the forest. He wanted to search for a way out of suffering and sorrow for all mankind. He meditated and got enlightenment. He became Lord Buddha, the enlightened one. Truth was revealed to him and he learnt all the secrets of life and the world, He found out that the world was full of sorrow and unhappiness. The reason for it was greed and selfishness. To be free from suffering. we must be free from greed and desire. Desire is the root cause of all human suffering. He advocated the Middle Path and asked his followers to avoid the two extremes.

Question 91

Which of the following sentences is true according to the passage ?

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Question 92

What was Siddharth interested in as a child ?

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Question 93

Which of the following can be inferred about Siddharth ?
(A) Siddharth was different from other princes his age.
(B)Siddharth was a spoilt child.
(C)Siddharth was lonely because he did not have a mother.

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Question 94

What did the King wish for his son. Siddharth ?

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Question 95

the suffering in the world. What incident changed Siddharth’s life forever ?

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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 96

Why did Siddharth leave his home ?

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Question 97

According to Siddharth what was the reason for suffering and unhappiness in the

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Question 98

What according to passage is the root cause for all human suffering?
(A) Desire
(B) Happiness
(C) Meditation

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Question 99

Why was Siddharth called the enlightened one ?

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Question 100

Why did Lord Buddha advocate the Middle Path ?

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