IB ACIO 20 February 2021 Morning Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 51

A can complete a work in 5 minutes, B in 6 minutes and C in 8 minutes. The average number of work completed per hour per worker for all three workers is:

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Question 52

A rectangular wheat field has an area of 1682 sq.metres whereas its perimeter is $$29^{a}\times3^{b}\times2^{c}$$ metres. If the length and breadth are positive integers, then find the perimeter. (It is known that a, b, c are positive integers.)

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Question 53

If (2P + Q): (Q + R) = (Q - P): (Q - R) = 4: 3, then what is the value of P: Q: R?

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Question 54

The pie chart given below shows the number of cars sold in 6 countries. Number of cars sold in a particular country are shown as a percentage of total number of cars sold in these 6 countries.

Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct?
I. Difference between the total central angle formed by A and F and total central angle formed by C and D is 3b:4 degrees.
II. If the total number of cars sold in B, C and E is 12650, then the total number of cars sold in these 6 countries are 23000.

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Question 55

If $$\frac{a}{b}:\frac{c^{2}}{d^{2}}:\frac{e^{2}}{f^{2}}=16$$ then finding the value of $$\sqrt{\frac{a^{2}+c^{4}+e^{6}}{b^{2}+d^{4+f^{6}}}}+\sqrt{\frac{b^{2}+d^{4}+f^{6}}{a^{2}+c^{4+e^{6}}}}$$

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Question 56

The cost price of an article is Rs. x. It is marked up by 100 percent and it is sold at Rs. 420 after giving 30 percent discount. What is the value of x (in Rs. ) ?

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Question 57

A grocer mixes two varieties of wheat and sells the mixture at Z 28 per kg to earn a profit of 25%. If the cost price of the first variety is twice that of the second, and he has mixed them in the ratio 2 : 3, then fmd the price per kg of the cheaper variety.

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Question 58

What will the square root of the remainder when 5 divides $$129^{76}$$

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Question 59

Select the odd one from the following options.

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Question 60

Two items were sold at Rs. 9000 each. The first was sold at 50 percent loss and the second was sold at 50 percent profit. Find the total loss on selling both the items.

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