Computer Awareness Test 93


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

What is the process of copying software programs from secondary storage media to the hard disk called?

Q 2

This first step in the transaction processing cycle captures business data through various modes such as optical scanning or at an electronic commerce website.

Q 3

When the pointer is positioned on a like a hand.

Q 4

The computer abbreviation KB usually means

Q 5

Which of the following are advantages of CD-ROM as a storage media?

Q 6

A (n)____is a special visual and audio effect applied in Powerpoint to text or content.

Q 7

Which of the following is a storage device that uses rigid, permanently installed magnetic disks to store data/ information?

Q 8

The piece of hardware that converts your computer's digital signal to an analog signal that can travel over telephone lines is called a

Q 9

Personal computers can be connected together to form a

Q 10

A ----- is the term used when a search engine returns a Web page that matches the search criteria.

# Name Overall Score
1 Vamsi Krishna 8
2 Monideepa dutta 8
3 singh 8
4 Abhinav Joshi 7
5 Vina Gautam 7
7 Dibyendu Sarker 7
8 Prakhar Saigal 7
9 Varun Gaude 7
10 Avenendra Singh 7

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