Computer Awareness Test 87


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

"GUI" stands for _____

Q 2

A _____ is a design tool that graphically shows the logic in a solution algorithm.

Q 3

A file that contains definitions of the paragraph and character styles for your document and all things you customised like toolbars and menus is called a _____.

Q 4

Programs designed specifically to address general-purpose applications and special purpose applications are called _____.

Q 5

A _____ contains buttons and menus that provide quick access to commonly used commands.

Q 6

For selecting or highlighting, which of the following is generally used?

Q 7

What does storage unit provide?

Q 8

Which type of memory is closely related to processor?

Q 9

Which device is used to access your computer by other computer or for talk over phone?

Q 10

Permanent Memory in computer is called

# Name Overall Score
1 SUJITH K.S. 10
2 devasarivenkanna 10
4 Medha Hossain 10
5 sheetal 10
6 shilpi 8
7 Bhawna Sharma 8
8 praneeth kumar 8
9 Nature lover 8
10 P Nikhila 8

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