Computer Awareness Test 8


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Which of the following menu types is also called a drop-down menu ?

Q 2

Which of the following is not necessary to be considered computer literate ?

Q 3

CD-ROM stands for ___

Q 4

Free hard-disk space used to extend the capacity of RAM is termed -

Q 5

The computer to which a user’s computer connects in order to access the Internet is called a

Q 6

MS Excel is used for

Q 7

The ability to exchange information through the use of computer equipment and software is

Q 8

………………… a feature for scheduling and multiprogramming to provide an economical interactive system of two or more users

Q 9

The disks stores information in

Q 10

The word processor used by DOS to write the programs or instructions

# Name Overall Score
1 kajal mehta 10
3 Shivani 10
4 Pari Priya verma 10
5 manivannan 10
6 Ram Gupta 10
7 chiran 10
8 Prateek Kamble 10
9 Vaidehi 8
10 Kanchan Vishwakarma 8

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