Computer Awareness Test 74


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Which type of memory gets lost when you switch off ?

Q 2

What is the name of the program that controls the computer ?

Q 3

Which type of network would use phone lines?

Q 4

What type of devices are computer speakers or headphones ?

Q 5

Which type of memory holds the program to start up the computer ?

Q 6

A program for viewing web pages is called

Q 7

The term used to describe the intangible instructions that tell the computer what to do is

Q 8

A computer tower is not

Q 9

A computer cannot perform which of the following functions ?

Q 10

Which of the following has the smallest storage capacity

# Name Overall Score
1 Jayvardhan Singh 8
2 Ranjit Behera 8
3 Subhanka Badanapuri 8
4 Minakshi Minakshi 8
5 Ritesh kumar 7
6 Bholanath Martha 7
7 ganesh pilli 7
8 Gyan 7
9 promis kumar 7
10 Dungroth Venkateswarlu 7

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