Computer Awareness Test 70


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

The input device to be used to get a printed diagram into a computer is the

Q 2

What type of device is a computer mouse ?

Q 3

Any component of the computer you can see and touch is called

Q 4

What is the value of the binary number 101 ?

Q 5

Data or Information used to run the computer is called

Q 6

A device which allows the computer to communicate with you is called

Q 7

Instead of remembering e-mail address which of the following should you use ?

Q 8

Devices which store information and are used by the computer for its working are called

Q 9

Which of the following is an operation that cannot be carried out on objects in graphic program ?

Q 10

A hardware device that converts data into useful informaton is called

# Name Overall Score
1 Hricha Patel 10
2 Minakshi Minakshi 10
3 Bamaru suresh kumar 8
4 Sagar Bilandi 8
5 Kushal Dutta 8
6 mounika 8
7 A Dash 8
8 sheetal 8
9 Subhanka Badanapuri 8
10 Arun Kumar 7

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