Computer Awareness Test 56


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Which of the following is not a storage medium?

Q 2

_______ is the part of the computer that does the arithmetical calculations.

Q 3

User can use ______ commands to search for and correct words in a document.

Q 4

Which of the following will be used if a sender of e-mail wants to bold, italics etc. the text message?

Q 5

Which of the following justification align the text on both the sides-left and right -of margin?

Q 6

Which of the following characteristics is used to compute dynamically the results from Excel data?

Q 7

What is included in an e-mail address?

Q 8

The other name of motherboard is

Q 9

In Power Point the Header & Footer button can be found on the Insert tab in what group?

Q 10

What does CO stands in COBOL

# Name Overall Score
1 Praveen Kumar 7
2 Mayank Srivastava 5
4 Arushi Singh 2
5 Akhilesh 2
6 Janani Selvi 2
7 Tarun singh 2
8 Minatee Bhoi 1
9 Shubham S 1
10 Vaibhav Vats 1

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