Computer Awareness Test 55


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

On domestic term deposits bank in our country generally offer additional rate of interest on term deposits from

Q 2

Which of the following instruments cannot be transferred from one person to another by endorsement ?

Q 3

Crossing applies to which of the following instruments?

Q 4

Which of the following terms is not associated with the game of Football ?

Q 5

Which of the following is a Development Bank ?

Q 6

The second Africa India Forum Summit 2011 was organized in May 2011 in

Q 7

Which of the following assets can be mortgaged ?

Q 8

pre shipment packing credit advances are generally given by banks to

Q 9

Among the banks in our country which of the following is not a foreign bank ?

Q 10

India has an extensive Nuclear Energy Pact with which of the following countries which will enable it to build many nuclear power stations in the country ?

# Name Overall Score
1 yuvaraj 8
2 Jayvardhan Singh 7
3 Minakshi Minakshi 7
4 Srikanta Bagui 7
5 Dinesh 6
6 VMRao 6
7 mahitha roy chatla 6
8 Baba 6
9 amaze amaze 6
10 sneha chauhan 6

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