Computer Awareness Test 53


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Amitabh Bachchan was given Best Actor Award in 57th National Film Awards for 2010 for his acting in the film

Q 2

Which of the following is not the name of the sensitive index of any global stock exchange ?

Q 3

Who among the following is not a well known author of Indian origin ?

Q 4

Which of the following Cups/Trophies is associated with the game of Lawn Tennis ?

Q 5

Which of the following aptly describes the business of insurance ?

Q 6

Which of the following welfare schemes is launched by the Government of India ?

Q 7

The operation of combining two cells into a single cell in Excel is referred to as

Q 8

Which of the following can be used to store a large number of files in a small amount of storage space ?

Q 9

In a computer most processing takes place in

Q 10

Data is organized in a worksheet as

# Name Overall Score
1 Baba 7
2 Chetna Dogra 7
3 kavitha 7
4 Medha Hossain 7
5 Jayvardhan Singh 7
6 R.Saravana Kumar 7
7 Sanjiv Tiwary 6
9 Kodurukrishnaveni 6
10 Ankush Suryavanshi 6

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