Computer Awareness Test 24


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

The process of copying Software program from secondary storage media to hard disk is called

Q 2

Which network security features prevent users on a network from using program and information that are unauthorized?

Q 3

Accidental click on undo button in Excel 2007 is reversed by clicking

Q 4

First generation programming language used

Q 5

When a computer is turned on, where does it get the first instructions that it loads into RAM?

Q 6

What is the name for a thin credit card size device used principally on laptop to expand capabilities?

Q 7

When you save a file, it is permanently saved on the

Q 8

Good password helps organization

Q 9

Which of the following refers to an upside down mouse?

Q 10

If you change Windows 98 to Windows XP, you are actually performing

# Name Overall Score
1 Jadu 10
2 dev Guha 8
3 k m sivakumar 8
4 Rahul Choudhary 8
5 Sanjiv Tiwary 8
6 Harika Kantamneni 8
7 Subhradeep Das 7
8 Akash Ghosh 7
9 vivek pawar 7
10 Jyoti Panwar 7

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