Computer Awareness Test 17


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Which of the following can be used to select the entire document?

Q 2

The system unit —

Q 3

The simultaneous processing of two or more programs by multiple processors is

Q 4

The device which helps you to communicate with computer is called

Q 5

In order to avoid memorising e-mail address you should use

Q 6

The devices which store information and that are used by computer for its functioning are called :

Q 7

Which among the following is not such an operation which can be carried out on objects in graphic programme?

Q 8

A hardware device which converts data into meaningful information is called

Q 9

Which process checks to en sure the components of the computer are operating and connected properly? .

Q 10

A means of capturing an image (drawing or photo) so that it can be stored on a computer is-

# Name Overall Score
1 sameer kumar 10
2 kajal mehta 10
3 Shivani 10
4 Jayvardhan Singh 10
5 bipin kumar 10
6 Santanu Mondal 8
7 Mallu Patila 8
8 Suryansh Garg 8
9 Iqbal Ahmed 8
10 Vinesh Ram 8

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