SBI PO Verbal Test 3


In each of these questions, two sentences are given. These two sentences are to be combined into a single sentence without changing their meaning. Three probable starters of the combined sentence are given as (A), (B) and (C). ANy one or more of none of them may be correct. Find out the correct starter(S) and accordingly select your answer among the given five answer choices.

Question 1

You need two tickets ? Please stand in the queue.
A. If you need…
B. Incase you need
C. Should you need

Question 2

You must submit a copy of your ration card. Only then your application for telephone connection will be considered.
A. Unless you submit…
B. Unless your application for…
C. WIthout your application for…

Question 3

It is very cold here. You must carry warm clothes with you.
A. Since you must…
B. As it is very...
C. If it is very…

Question 4

You must sign your railway pass, write your name and age on it. According to the railway authorities, it becomes valid only after that.
A. To make your railway pass valid, the railway authorities should…
B. Without validating your railway pass, you cannot sign…
C. To validate your railway pass, you must…

Question 5

The doctor says that Ramesh has lost his immunity. Therefore, he is vulnerable to any disease.
A. Ramesh’s loss of immunity
B. Because of his vulnerability to his…
C. His vulnerability to any disease…

#NameOverall Score
4Darshandeep Kaur5
6meghna jain5
8Namita Singh5

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