SBI PO Psychometry Test 7


All the question in this test have three alternatives .There are no right or wrong answer for the question in this test.Describe yourself honestly and state your opinion as accurately as possible.

Question 1

If the odds are really against some things being a success I still believe in taking the risk

Question 2

I feel most people in this world are basically nice, its the only the circumstances that make some people bad

Question 3

I would prefer to be____
(A) a social worker
(B) an officer in a financial organization

Question 4

In a job I do not think I will be able to sit for long hours dealing with the figures and numbers

Question 5

I would rather have a wife or husband who is able to____
(A) impress people and exert a strong social influences
(B) give interesting intellectual companionship

#NameOverall Score
3Madhumita Biswas5
4ranu bhardwaj5
6nisha antil5
7gireesh kumar5
9Debanjan Mukherjee5

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