SBI PO Psychometry Test 6


All the question in this test have three alternatives .There are no right or wrong answer for the question in this test.Describe yourself honestly and state your opinion as accurately as possible.

Question 1

I take a prominent part in social affairs

Question 2

To me gossiping is____
(A) enjoyable
(B) irritating

Question 3

For me, attending party is____

Question 4

I tend to be depressed if my opinions differ from those of my acquaintances

Question 5

In my college days I used to study___
(A) In a group with a friends
(B) alone

#NameOverall Score
1Sai Srinu5
2Abhi Shankar5
3arpita koyal5
6Smart Pandi5
8RAVI kumar5
9Amrish Singh5
10Parul Chauhan5

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