SBI PO Psychometry Test 4


All the question in this test have three alternatives .There are no right or wrong answer for the question in this test.Describe yourself honestly and state your opinion as accurately as possible.

Question 1

When I go on a holiday trip, I prefer to visit_____
(A) historical monuments or museums or lonely beaches
(B) fun-centers with different rides having large gatherings.

Question 2

I would prefer to____
(A) sit and solve a complicated problem
(B) organize a function in the society

Question 3

It is necessary to pay due respect to every individual no matter even if he/she happens to be an ordinary person

Question 4

I would prefer to____
(A) visit an exhibition of flowers show
(B) attend an interactive workshop.

Question 5

On a holiday, I would like to visit
(A) a developed and commercialized hill-station
(B) A quiet hill-station not so developed

#NameOverall Score
1Sindhu A5
3Mamatha Singam5
4Narmada Nakka5
5Akhila Reddy5
6Prakhar Chaturvedi5
7Santanu Mondal5
8Sourabh Verma5
9Jagriti Saxena5
10srinivas rayudu5

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