SBI PO Psychometry Test 1


All the question in this test have three alternatives .There are no right or wrong answer for the question in this test.Describe yourself honestly and state your opinion as accurately as possible.

Question 1

People sometimes called me a proud stuck-up individual

Question 2

For a vacation I would rather go to
(A) a well attended holiday town
(B) a quiet cottage away from the crowd

Question 3

When I make a complaint I ordinarily expect to receive satisfaction

Question 4

I think that society ought to pay more attention scientific thinking about its problems

Question 5

I believe in
(A) the motto “laugh and be merry “ on most occasions
(B) being properly serious in everyday business

#NameOverall Score
2Mohan Raj5
3Rajat Chaudhary5
5Kritika Gautam5
7Kavya I3
8Sunny Bharti3
9Abhinav Vashitha3
10Shamsunissa tamboli3

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