SBI PO General Awareness Test 2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Which of the following term is used in the field of Banking & Finance ?

Question 2

Which word is related to processing the speed in computers ?

Question 3

Who among the following is the Secretary of State (Foreign Minister) of USA at present ?

Question 4

To improve the access of the poor to banking, RBI has advised banks to open branches with minimum infrastructure supporting up to 8 to 10 Business Correspondents (BC) at a reasonable distance of 3-4 km. Such branches as known as

Question 5

Which of the following is not correct regarding ‘cheque’ in banking?

#NameOverall Score
1Ajeet Sharma5
2Rishabh Jaiswal3
3Mahima Donakanty3
4Khushboo Gupta3
6Vraj Somkuwar3
7Madhan Kumar3
8Darshan Dagha3
9Nilaksh Kamboj3
10Ringsaindi Kemprai3

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