SBI PO 2018 Verbal Test 1


Following statements have given in different parts like (A),(B),(C),(D), and you need to identify which part of the sentence has the error .if no statement have the error you can give your answer (E).

Question 1

This laboratory of physics is (A) / not only equipped with (B) / all state of the art instruments (C) / but also with outstanding physicists. (D) No error(E)

Question 2

No method of making (A) / other people agree to (B) / your view-point is (C) / as effective as this method. (D) No error(E)

Question 3

I was pretty sure that (A) / he would support my views (B) / for changing the age-old (C) / and static structure of our organization. (D) No error(E)

Question 4

I did not like his (A) / comments on my paper (B) / but I had no alternative (C) / as I had agreed to keep quiet. (D) No error(E)

Question 5

The report is candid in admitting (A) / that the investment by the government (B) / in healthy and family planning (C) / have been eroded considerably (D) No error(E)

#NameOverall Score
2pankaj kachhara11
4Utkarsh Gupta11
5Rhrajpara Rhr11
6ShwetaPal MCA2013M11
9Keshari Nakashe11
10Mukta Manshi11

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