SBI PO 2018 Quant Test 1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

What should come in place of the question marks in the following equations?

Question 2

If the height of a triangle is decreased by 40% and it’s base is increased by 40% , what will be the effect on its area?

Question 3

In 1 kg of a mixture of sand and iron, 20% is iron .How such sand should be added so that the proportion of iron becomes 10%

Question 4

The denominator of a fraction is 2 more than thrice it’s numerator.If the numerator as well as denominator are increased by one,the fraction becomes ⅓ .what was that the original fraction?

Question 5

If 2x+y= 15,  2y+z= 25   and   2z+x =26 ,what is value of z?

#NameOverall Score
1Bibhu Tripathy15
3Pushpendra Singh15
5Sreeparna Mukherjee15
7Shrey Mistry15
9nupur aggarwal15
10Raja Raman11

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