Reasoning for SBI PO 2017


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

The position of Ajay is 18 from both left and right sides of a row. How many people are present in the row?

Question 2

Anil and Mukesh are standing in a queue. Anil’s position from the front is 15 and Mukesh’s position from the front is 18. If they interchange their positions, Anil’s position from behind becomes 15. What is the original position of Anil from behind?

Question 3

Rajiv is fifth from the front in a line of students while his brother Sanjay is sixteenth from the back. Praveeen is exactly in the middle of Rajiv and Sanjay. If the total number of students in the row is 52, what is the position of Praveen from the front?

Question 4

Raghav finished eighth from the front and ninth from the back in a marathon race among succesful finishers. Four students from his class did not participate in the race and two students dropped out of the race midway. What is the total number of students in Raghav's class?

Question 5

In a queue, Amit’s position from the front is 42. If there are 63 people in the queue, what is Amit’s rank from the back?

#NameOverall Score
1Mukesh Singh15
2Aditya Pramod Dhongade15
3Sayandeep Chatterjee15
4vikas rana15
5Austin Jashua15
6Harshal Gurav15
7Adithya Chowdary15
8Anuj Talwar15
10Kavish Narayan15

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