SBI PO 2017 English Test 33


Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is ‘No error’, the answer is ‘5’ (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any)

Question 1

(a) Malaria is among the host of diseases, / (b) that researches claim, / (c) will spread more easily / (d) thanks to global warming. / (e) No error

Question 2

(a) Cricket between India and Pakistan / (b) incites great passion in both the countries, / (c) and between the followers of the two teams / (d) patriotism often unduly gets mixed with the love for the game. / (e) No error

Question 3

(a) While we all have different levels of stress / (b) that we can cope up with, some worry / (c) more than the rest and have greater difficulty / (d) in coping with the challenges of life. / (e) No error

Question 4

(a) One of the key challenge of a hi-tech business / (b) is running a smart and efficient supply chain /(c) while controlling costs /(d) and enhancing customer experience. / (e) No error

Question 5

(a) The Chief Election Officer categorically stated /(b) that political parties must get the approval / (c) of Election Commission / (d) before undertaking social media campaign. / (e) No error

#NameOverall Score
1Ranganath Panda11
2Saurabh Anand11
3Ritu Sharma11
7rita kumari11
8Poonam Tomar11
9Suryanarayana Velnati8
10Devesh Kushwah8

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