SBI Clerk Quant Test 16


Directions: Study the following table carefully and answer the questions that follow:

Question 1

What is the ratio of the number of passengers boarding from Vasai Road to that from Ahmedabad in the train?

Question 2

What is the distance travelled by the train from Surat to Nadiad Junction?

Question 3

How much time does the train take to reach Ahmedabad after departing from Anand Junction (including the halt time)?

Question 4

If the halt time (stopping time) of the train at Vadodara is decreased by 2 minutes and increased by 23 minutes at Ahmedabad, at what time will the train reach Bhuj?

Question 5

The distance between which two stations is the second lowest?

#NameOverall Score
1Arun Shibi5
2Sagar Setia5
3Sparsh dohre5
4Shaikh Abdul Irfan5
5vaibhav samadhiya5
6Dhiraj Panigrahi5
7A k5
8keerthi reddy5
9Gracy lydia5

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