SBI Clerk Quant Test 15


Study the following graph to answer the given question.

% Profit=$$\frac{Income - Expenditure}{Expenditure}\times100$$

Question 1

If the income of the company X in 1998-99 was equal to the expenditure of Company Y in 2001-02, what was the ratio of their respective profits ?

Question 2

For Company X, its income in 2001-02 was equal to its expenditure in 2002-03. What was the ratio of its respective incomes in these two years ?

Question 3

For Company Y, which year is the per cent of increase in per cent profit over that of previous year the highest ?

Question 4

In 1997-98, the expenditure of Company X was Rs. 40 crores. What was its income in that year ?

Question 5

What was the difference in expenditure of the two companies in 1990-00 ?

#NameOverall Score
3ravi garg5
4karthik prabhakara5
6ammu lucky5
7sachin singh5
8Swethanaik 87 Naik5
9golla sivaiah5
10Sumit Sharma4

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