SBI Clerk 2018 Reasoning Test 1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

How many meaningful english words can be formed from the letters ‘’ACER ‘’ using each letter once

Question 2

If in the word FLOURISH ,all the vowels are first arranged alphabetically and then all the consonants are arranged and then all the vowels are replaced by previous letters and all consonants are replaced by the next letter from the English alphabets ,which of the following will be the third from the right end?

Question 3

if’ AxB’ means B is the father of A and ‘A+B’ means A is the wife of B and A /B means A is the brother of B , then what is the relation of J with L in the ‘ J + H / R x L ‘.

Question 4

In a row of children facing NORTH Ritesh is twelfth from the left end .Sudhir who is twenty second from right end is fourth to the right of Ritesh . Total how many children are there in the row?

Question 5

In a certain code DUPLICATE can be written as MRVFJFVBE. How is CARTOUCHE written in that code

#NameOverall Score
2gopi krishna nakka3
3Khushboo Dwivedi3
4Rajinder Kaur3
6Sri Lakshmi3
7Ankita Laha3
9Akhila Antony3

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