Ratio and Proportion Questions for IBPS PO 4


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

The average age of students in section A of 40 students is 10 yr and the average age of students in section B of 30 students is 12 yr. Find the average age of students in both sections taken together.

Question 2

Duplicate ratio of x : 2y


Friends Peter, Qasim and Ramu share gifts in the ratio 3:4:5.Once they won a draw for the lucky dip and won 10,000 rupees.

Question 3

What is Qasim’s share in the prize money?

Question 4

If Peter declines to accept the reward and the entire amount is to be distributed between Qasim and Ramu in their ratio as usual, what is Qasim’s share?

Question 5

What is the share of Ramu if the reward was 15,000 instead and Peter distributes his money to Qasim and Ramu in the usual ratio of 4:5?

#NameOverall Score
2Anil Koda5
5N s5
6Sonali Singh5
7Sruthi Arisetti5
9Jankee Nimbark5
10Akhil Malhotra5

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