Para Jumbles Questions for IBPS PO 4


The following sentences when properly arranged, form a coherent paragraph. Answer the questions based on the correct order of sentences after rearrangement.

A. Some think a large meteor hitting the planet caused a big change in the earth's temperature.
B. The contention of these groups is that, we currently do not know enough about the effects of global warming to limit industrial emissions.
C. The fact that global warming also occurred in the prehistoric era is a scientific point.
D. The political and industrial lobbies further complicate conversations about global warming.
E. Is that what killed the dinosaurs?
F. Science cannot prove this conclusively yet.

Question 1

What is the first sentence after rearrangement?

Question 2

What is the second sentence after rearrangement?

Question 3

What is the fourth sentence after rearrangement?

Question 4

What is the fifth sentence after rearrangement?

Question 5

What is the last sentence after rearrangement?

#NameOverall Score
2fagun yadav5
4Pranoti Pol5
6Apurva Tiwade5
7anubha jajoo5
8Abhisek Roy5
9Sai Varun5
10harsh tak5

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