IBPS PO Verbal Test 7


Which of the phrases (A), (B), (C), and (D) given below should replace the phrase given in ‘’bold’’ in the following sentence to make the sentence grammatically correct. If the sentence is correct as it is and no correction is required, mark (E) as the answer.

Question 1

The military has highly sophisticated simulators ‘’on which soldiers train’’.

Question 2

Any policy of social welfare ‘’will be likely to face’’ resistance from vested interests.

Question 3

The key to a competitive economy is ‘’its investment regime’’.

Question 4

The honourable court had taken a lenient view because the accused ‘’have not previous conviction’’.

Question 5

Our foreign exchange reserves ‘’have increased substantial’’.

#NameOverall Score
3Ankeet Bose3
5Arpita Mishra3
6sammingi chandini3
7Sonia Jojo3
8Kunal Majumdar2
9Abhinav Sharma2
10gireesh kumar2

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