IBPS PO Quant Test 9


Study the following graph carefully and answer the question tha follows....
Percentage of employees in different department of a company

Total No. Of employees=4500

Percentage of females in each department in the same company
Total No of females in the organisation=2000

Question 1

What is the total number of males from Design, Customer Relation and HR departments together ?

Question 2

What is the ratio of number of males in HR department of the number of males in Accounts department respectively ?

Question 3

The number of females in the Marketing department are approximately what per cent of the total employees in marketing and Customer Relation Departments together ?

Question 4

What is the respective ratio of numbers employees in Administrative department to the numbers of males in the same department ?

Question 5

The total number of females are what per cent of the total number males in the organisation ?

#NameOverall Score
1Mohit Vashishtha5
2sharon ambrose5
6Himanshu Jangid5
8Sindhu A5
10Avijeet chakravarty5

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