IBPS PO Profit and Loss Questions 9


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

After selling 18 chocolates, a vendor incurs a loss equal to the selling price of two chocolates. What is his loss percentage?

Question 2

A man sold two books at Rs. 24 each, on one he got a profit of 20% and on other, he lost 20%. How much did he gain or lose on the whole?

Question 3

Due to 20% decrease in price of fruits per kg, Mohan buys 250 gm. for Rs.270. What was the original price of fruits per kg?

Question 4

Radha sold a stamp for Rs. 8496 and made of profit of 18%. What was the cost price of the stamp for Radha?

Question 5

Rahul sells his plot at Rs. 1000 / sq mtr after giving a discount of 15%. The marked price of the property allows a profit of 25% over the cost price. What is the cost price of the plot?

#NameOverall Score
1SUNITA saini5
3Manpreet Singh5
4sanjita shukla5
7Ekampreet Kaur5
9P Amala Mudiraj4

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