IBPS PO Profit and Loss Questions 7


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Seema bought 20 pens, 8 packets of wax colours, 6 calculators and 7 pencil boxes, The price of one pen is Rs. 7, one packet of wax colour is for Rs. 22, one calculator is for Rs.175 and one pencil box costs Rs. 14 more than the combined price of one pen and one packet of wax colours. How much amount did Seema pay to the shopkeeper?

Question 2

Some textbooks were bought for Rs. 2000. 10 more would have been bought if the cost was Rs. 10 less per textbook. What was the number textbooks bought?

Question 3

Niraj incurred a loss of 55 per cent on selling an article for Rs. 9549. What was the cost price of the article?

Question 4

13 articles were bought for Rs.5,890 and sold for Rs. 6,656. What was the ‘’approximate’’ profit percentage per article ?

Question 5

A dealer purchases a mobile phone for Rs 12000 and sold it to Arun at 25 % profit. Arun in turn sold it to Ajay at 15% profit. At what price did Ajay obtain the phone.

#NameOverall Score
1Rajan Sah Sah5
2Er Ramandeep Singh5
4vamsi tangella5
5Jason Legend5
6Rudra Rajput5
7Ganesh Prasad5
10Jagan Nath5

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