IBPS PO Data Analysis Test 8


Study the following table carefully to answer the question that follow
Number (N) of six types of Electronic Products Sold by Six different stores in a month and the price per the product (P) (Price in Rs 000) charged by each Store.

Question 1

What is the difference in the amount earned by Store A through the sale of P type products and that earned by Store B through the sale of Q type products ?

Question 2

What is the total amount earned by Store C through the sale of M and O type products together ?

Question 3

What is the average price per product charged by all the Stores together for Product Q ?

Question 4

The number of L type products sold by Store F is what per cent of the number of the same type of products sold by store E ?

Question 5

What is the ratio of the total number of N and L type products together sold by store D and that of same products sold by Store A ?

#NameOverall Score
2sridhar reddy5
4nairita sarkar5
6Dayalan S5
7Harikant Singh5
8Jain Cj5
9akshay kumar5
10Felci Benedicta5

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