IBPS PO Coding decoding questions 5


The following questions consist of a single sentence with one black. Each sentence is followed by six words and from among the six words you have to pick two correct answers, either of which will make the sentence meaningfully complete.

Question 1

Bioethics has emerged as a new discipline over the past couple of decades and is …… to become a multidisciplinary speciality.

(A) poised
(B) arranged
(C) destined
(D) ordained
(E) geared up

Question 2

More than 57, 000 pilgrims were stranded as unprecedented rains wreaked …. on the holy city.

(A) terror
(B) havoc
(C) desolation
(D) furore
(E) destruction

Question 3

The centre must make richer, more developed states take up the ……. for switching to renewable energy and reducing the country’s dependence on coal.
(A) function
(B) charge
(C) onus
(D) responsibility
(E) role

Question 4

The police launched a manhunt to nab the …. involved in the burglary

(A) offenders
(B) culprits
(C) victims
(D) protagonists
(E) refugees

Question 5

Due to the ….. rains which lashed the city for two consecutive days, the lives of most of the city dwellers was thrown out of gear.
(A) severe
(B) intermittent
(C) sporadic
(D) incessant
(E) unabating

#NameOverall Score
1Oindrila Saha5
2Aakashdeep Kaur5
3Deepak Yadav4
4Bineet Kujur3
6Sai Varun3
8Rajat Sethi3

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