Ranking questions for IBPS PO 1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Anil and Mukesh are standing in a queue. Anil’s position from the front is 15 and Mukesh’s position from the front is 18. If they interchange their positions, Anil’s position from behind becomes 15. What is the original position of Anil from behind?

Question 2

In a row of trees, a banana tree is eighth from both left as well as right. What is the total number of trees in the row?

Question 3

Rajiv is fifth from the front in a line of students while his brother Sanjay is sixteenth from the back. Praveeen is exactly in the middle of Rajiv and Sanjay. If the total number of students in the row is 52, what is the position of Praveen from the front?

Question 4

In a group of 30 soldiers, Raman is ranked fifth from the top and Daman is ranked six ranks below Raman. What is Daman’s rank from the bottom?

Question 5

Appu, Babu, Chitti and Dada check their weights and Babu is heavier than Chitti and Dada. No one was lighter than Appu. Who is the heaviest?

#NameOverall Score
2Sai Krishnareddy5
3mohan kumar5
7Pawan Malik5
8DSR 35

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