IBPS PO Profit and loss questions 2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

A trader makes a profit of 40% on an article after giving a discount of 30% on the marked price. What is the discount to be given on the marked price to get a profit of 50%?

Question 2

If the cost price of 10 fruits is Rs. 880 and seller sells them with a profit of 12.5% per fruit , what is the total selling price of all the fruits?

Question 3

24 article were bought for Rs. 14880 and sold for Rs. 18480. What was the approximate profit percentage per article ?

Question 4

A started a business by investing Rs. 33600. After three month B joined him by investing Rs. 23100. After 3 months of B’s investment, C joined them by investing Rs. 18900. If the total annual profit earned by them is Rs. 26450, what is C’s share of profit?

Question 5

A shop keeper gives a discount of 30% on the marked price of a watch and sells it for Rs. 420. What is the marked price of the watch?

#NameOverall Score
1Sajan Malhotra5
2S. Raja5
3prudhvi J5
5shashank sundriyal5
6ak m5
7Amit Raut5
8Sovam Talukdar5
9jagriti patel5

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