IBPS PO Profit and loss questions 1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

A shopkeeper uses a weight of 960 g instead of 1000 g. What is his gain%?

Question 2

By selling an article for Rs.2250, a person losses 10%. Find his gain or loss per cent, if he sells it for Rs.3000.

Question 3

A man purchased a box full of pencils at the rate of 7 for Rs.9 and sold all of them at the rate of 8 for Rs. 11. In this transaction, he gained Rs. 10. How many pencils did the box contain?

Question 4

If cost price of 5 basket of fruits is Rs. 100 and seller earns a profit of 20% on each basket what will be the total selling price?

Question 5

A merchant bought some goods worth Rs. 6000 and sold half of them at 12% profit. At what profit per cent should he sell the remaining goods to make and overall profit of 18%?

#NameOverall Score
1priyanka keshri5
2Shiv Shubham5
3abhijeet kumar5
4Sasidhar Reddy5
5Sunil Rana5
6Sai Varun5
7N. Sharath5
8Rajat Sethi5
9ak m5
10Amit Raut5

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