IBPS Clerk English Vocabulary Words 5


In these questions, four words are given of which two are most nearly same or opposite in meaning. Find the two words which are most nearly the same or opposite in meaning and indicate your answer by marking the option which represents the correct letter combination.

Question 1

A. Tormented
B. Agonised
C. Aroused
D. Removed

Question 2

A. Striking
B. Unimpressive
C. Striving
D. Unwilling

Question 3

A. Patent
B. Stylish
C. Wasted
D. Fashionable

Question 4

A. Disclose
B. Withstand
C. Withhold
D. Decide

Question 5

A. Fathomed
B. Devastated
C. Ruined
D. Abrupt

#NameOverall Score
1Prachi Krishna5
2Sriram Nigilesh5
3Ravali Musham5
4Mohammad Farzana5
5Bharti Narang5
6sourav das5
7marya b5
8Ashish kumar5
9Sreelakshmi Rajeev5
10Anjali Ashok5

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