IBPS Clerk English Vocabulary Words 3


Directions : Below is given a single word with its meaning in different contexts as options. You have to select all those options which are synonyms of the word when the context is changed. Select the correct alternative from (A), (B), (C), (D) and (E) which represents all those synonyms.

Question 1

LABOUR (A) expedite (B) to move faster (C) controlled (D)toil

Question 2

MEAN (A) imply (B) understand (C) average (D)characterized by malice

Question 3

REGULAR (A) present (B) common (C) indiscriminate (D) uniform

Question 4

MASK (A) cover (B) hide (C) conceal (D) disguise

Question 5

ALONE (A) exclusively (B) morose (C) solitary (D) human being

#NameOverall Score
1SRI Gokul5
2Ravali Musham5
4Sandipan Chakraborty5
5P Amala Mudiraj5
6pankaj kachhara5
7deepashri lad5
8Saurabh B5
9Shalini Dadwal5
10Swapna Pailan5

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