Geometry Questions for IBPS 4


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

The edge of an ice cube is 14 cm. The volume of the largest cylindrical ice cube that can be fit into it?

Question 2

The length of diagonal of a square is equal to radius of a circle with perimeter 440 m. What will be area of the square?

Question 3

What is the area of a right-angled triangle with base 4m and height 6 m?

Question 4

If the length of the rectangular field is increased by 20% and the breadth is reduced by 20% the area of the rectangle will be 192 $$m^{2}$$. What is the area of the original rectangle?

Question 5

The perimeter of an equilateral is twice the perimeter of a square. A rectangle is now drawn with its length equal to the side of the triangle and its breadth equal to the side of the square. If the area of the square is 36 $$cm^2$$, find the area of the rectangle.

#NameOverall Score
1Samarth Taneja5
3Sai Charan Vanama5
4Samreen Ayaz5
5Manoj Singh5
7anubha jajoo5
8pavani pavani5
9Sai Varun5
10madhu bhatia5

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