Geometry Questions for IBPS 3


Instructions: Study the following information and answer the questions. For a room, the rate of painting is Rs.3200 per square meter. The rate of carpeting per square meter is 120% of that of tiling. The cost of decorating the room is 14 times to that of carpeting on the floor. The cost of electrification is 75% of that of carpeting the floor. The rate of tiling on the floor is 125% of that of painting. The dimensions of the room are 6m 6m 5m.

Question 1

What will be total cost of painting, carpeting, decoration and electrification of the room if the dimensions of the room be 21m*42m*27m?

Question 2

What will be the cost of decoration of the room if its cost be increased by 25%?


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 3

A rope makes 125 rounds of a cylinder with base radius 15 cm. How many times can it go round a cylinder with base radius 25 cm?

Question 4

The area of a circle is 2464 square metres. What will its circumference be ?

Question 5

If the perimeter of a rectangle is 138 metres and the difference between the length and breadth is 7 metres, what is the area of the rectangle ?

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