Fill in the Blanks for IBPS PO 11


Instructions: Which of the phrases (1), (2), (3) and (4) given below each statement should be placed in the blank space provided so as to make a meaningful and grammatically correct sentence? If none of the sentences is appropriate mark (5) i.e., ‘None of the above’ as the answer.

Question 1

Overlooking the fact that water scarcity intensifies during summer, _________.

Question 2

Refuting the rationale behind frequent agitations for formation of separate states, a recent report _______.

Question 3

Achieving equality for women is not only a laudable goal, _______.

Question 4

He has lost most of his life’s earning in the stock market but _______.

Question 5

_______ or else they would not keep electing him year after year.

#NameOverall Score
6Prabath Kiran4
7Apurva Tiwade3
8Roshani Jaiswal3
9Bhavna -3
10fagun yadav3

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