Directions for IBPS PO 8


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

An ant starts moving on a circle of radius 50 cm. It starts from the southern-most tip of the circumference of the circle and travels along the circumference of the circle in clockwise direction till it reaches the western-most point on the circumference of the circle. It takes a right turn and moves in a straight line for 100 cm. How far is the ant from the starting point?

Question 2

Stephen cycled 20 km south, followed by 30 km east, and followed by 60 km north. How many km should he cycle back to reach his starting point?

Question 3

If north-east becomes south, east becomes south-west and so on, what will north-west become?


Study the given information and answer the given questions.
Point A is 11 m North of point B.
Point C is 11 m East of point B
Point D is 6 m North of point C
Point E is 7 m West of point D
Point F is 8 m North of point E
Point G is 4 m West of point F

Question 4

How far is point F from point A ?

Question 5

How far and in which direction is point G from point A ?

#NameOverall Score
3Amar Kumar5
4Pavan Tayade5
5Jay Singh5
10Eliarasu T5

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